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What is the Secret of Making Money Online?

What is the secret of making money online or offline

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What do rich people have in common? What is the secret of making money online or offline? Have you thought about this question? I did! And I found the real secret of wealthy people! And I am about to tell you this secret!

What do these men have in common?

Coming to that answer soon. There are also very rich women, but back in the 70th, 80th, 90th it wasn’t very common that women had jobs. Laurene Powell inherited the capital of Steve Jobs. And more women owe their riches of family capital.

What is the Secret of Making Money

Online or Offline?



The rich people do not work for a boss, they ARE the boss! And that’s what you have to change in your life. You have to become a boss!

Why become your own boss?


Looks difficult to become your own boss without a service, a product or money of your own, but I can tell you it’s very doable! When you keep working for a boss, I can guaranty you that you will never get that riches you desire.
You can not become a millionaire with a minimum wage attitude, a boss mentality means, working around the clock. But when you do the work you like, hours do not count.

There are different ways to the top.

Way 1 (risk free) Affiliate Marketing

What do you need to start your own business?

4 steps to build your website

  1. A website
  2. Knowledge
  3. Determination

How do you start your successful business in 4 steps?

STEP 1 – Open an account, click here.

STEP 2 – Create a website, follow the instructions.

STEP 3 – Start the first lesson.

STEP 4 – Persevere.

Determination and perseverance are the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. Not any business has become a success overnight.


You can use products of others (risk free)

You partner up with companies, aka affiliate marketing. You do not need your own product, and you also do not need to bear the risk. The only thing you need to do is, promote the product you like best on your website. And when someone buys this product via your promo link, you get paid. You decide what you want to promote, and also, which company you want a partnership with. You are the boss over your own website campaigns.

Try out your possibilities now.

Click here to go Google and check the opportunities of blenders.

Click here to go to Google and check the opportunities of cameras.

Click here to go to Google and check the opportunities of fitness equipment.

Try out any product name + affiliate program in the Google search bar.

You see, there are lots of companies who are glad you want to promote their products.


Start your own business risk-free today

Join Wealthy Affiliate

Way 2 (stand out) Offline Business

What are your skills

How to start your own business offline

You need a service or a product of your own. When you have the skills for making things or for special services, you can start your offline business. You have to step out of your comfort zone of being a wage worker. And you have to take risks. But also an offline business can have a huge benefit from local promotion on a website.

Way 3 (creative) Exploit the artist in you

Have you discovered the artist within

Invent something! Invent something new what is missing on the market. Go to a company and ask if they see a future in your new product.  A lot of people that this road to success. They invent art, making music, inventing handy tools, write a book, create a movie etc.

Way 4 (risk full) Stock market

Stock market entrepreneur

You can invest in companies, buy & sell stocks. You can go into binary options. Before you step into this market, you really need to enlarge your knowledge. And you do need to be financially comfortable. You can win a lot, but also lose a whole lot of money overnight.

Either way

Whatever road you take, 1, 2, 3 or 4, you need to step out of your comfort zone. You definitely need to go online with your promotion. Using a website. Using advertising or using Youtube and other social media.

Build a website from scratch

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