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A List Of Online Scams 2016

A list of online scams 2016

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As members of The Wealthy Affiliate University, we learn all the tips and tricks we need to know to make money online. We also have the habit to look for every other online program if it is a good one or a scam. A List of online scams reviewed by 10 Top internet marketers who know the ropes of this business.

A list of online scams

Is deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam? Review of Loes

Written by me. Published on Work at Home, the Future is Yours.


The Truth About Commission Black Ops Review from CraigA list of online scams

Cash Codes Scam Review from Craig

Robert Prescott, the writer of these two reports, is a veteran in the online world. Since the late 1980’s he been growing towards the successful internet marketer he is today. Read here an interview with Robert

Is CGP Gallery a Scam – Do Not Join Until You Read This Review from Robert

Is Empower Network a Scam Review from Robert


Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System ReviewA list of online scams Ewen Chia is a Liar – Review from Ian

Who is Ian Pribyl who wrote this piece? He is a successful internet marketer for over 10 years, and with his website “Stopping Scams”, he is preventing people like you and me from getting scammed.


Package Forwarding & Reshipping Job or Scam? Twist Identity Theft – Review from Eddy

Eddy with a Y says: “Everyone said it was a waste of time but I’ve been earning for years with it!”


Kyle had a dream back in 2002. Future millionaire! Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy made that dreamA list of online scams 2016 come through. This report is written by Kyle.

The Banners Broker Scam – Don’t Fall For This Ponzi – Review from Kyle


Traffic Monsoon Charles Scoville’s latest scam – Review from Tony

Tony Hamilton has served United States Army for 7 years from 1984 – 1991. He loves fishing, baseball, affiliate marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, Jesus, God, Family & Friends. Not necessarily in that order. Proud father of Vance who is 15 years old.


Warning scamAnother Monsoon scam from Nathaniell Brenes, beer brewer, affiliate marketer and the best pal you can have!

How I lost $364 with Traffic Monsoon – Review from Nathaniell


Google Sniper 3.0 – Review from Jay

Jay is an online marketing consultant and serves as a Live Training Coach over at Wealthy Affiliate University.


Well, guys and girls, I hope, I prevented you from stepping into some scammy online thing. Take it from me, there are really good programs online too. One of the good is Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to take a look inside, you can do that for free.

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4 thoughts on “A List Of Online Scams 2016

  1. As a blooming newbie at online business, one needs to be aware of the different scams and unreliable sites that are rampant on the internet. This article is certainly helpful in providing insight to everybody about these things. Truly, this is scary ESPECIALLY if this has not been known.

    Thank you so much for sharing information with us!

  2. Wow Loes, I have to be honest, I find this list a little scary.

    I recognise some of the names on the scam list such as Traffic Monsoon and Google Sniper and they’ve been around for years and are quite well know.

    If they are well known companies like this still operating after this amount of time, then how many smaller lesser known scams are out there?

    There have obviously always been scammers around, but the internet just seems to make it an awful lot easier for them as they can do it from the comfort and safety of their own home.

    The internet can be a scary place sometimes.

    I see you mention Wealthy Affiliate, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of it but I’ve never really taken the time to look around properly.

    Can I ask what type of thing I would be doing at Wealthy Affiliate if I was to join?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you may ask Lee 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate is an open education resource, which teaches people all ins and outs about affiliate marketing and website development. Before you can become successful online, you need to learn the skills. And that’s what Wealthy Affiliate provides. When you join, your are taught how to set up a website properly and how to fill your website with content. We also teach people all basics of keyword research, applying for affiliate programs, How to deal with Google and Bing webmaster tools and how to work with Google analytics. And much more. You know, you can try it out for free, to see if this education lives up to your expectations. When you click here, you can open a free account instantly, and you can take a peek inside:) Hope I may welcome you personally Lee.

      Kind regards, Loes

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