Hi, my name is Loes Knetsch, and I live in a little village in the countryside in Netherlands.
The Netherlands is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

I am married with Willem, together we have 8 children and a couple of grandchildren and counting…

My day job is independent caregiver for people with disabilities.
In the evening I am an internet marketer.

This website, Your Siterubix, is an example website for you about how you can create an income via a website like I do.
With the unique step by step education of Wealthy Affiliate and the truly helpful community, you can achieve financial freedom.
If you love working on the computer, creating a website, and making money online, or want to start your own online business, you’ll feel right at home here.Loes Selfie rond

Since I started with this online education and work with this community I am learning every day something new.
I have created multiple websites and my interests are very diverse. I give among other things, business advice, and website training.
I write about global issues, art created by children and super food.

Every niche can be a profitable one!

What you do with love can become your business! I can help you to turn your interest into a lucrative website.
Click here to enter the FAQ page about the Wealthy Affiliate Education.

You’ll be amazed what you can learn and earn within a couple of months working through our lessons.
I started without any internet marketing knowledge, and now I write my own tutorials and I get paid for those.

I know from experience that you don’t need a previous education to follow the Wealthy Affiliate marketing course. It does take you by the hand and will lead you through the material. Let me help you 🙂

what do you think, try?



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About The Writer Of Your Siterubix — 6 Comments

  1. Loes, what a great site. You have done an outstanding job here. There are tons of great information. I particularly liked the video about the dark web. Scary stuff!
    Thank you
    Catherine Adam

    • Hi Catherine, good morning, very nice comment before breakfast 🙂 I find the dark web and the cryptocurrency both a bit shady and scary. I would get the feeling to always look over my shoulder whether someone wants to hack or attack me. How fortunate we both found Wealthy Affiliate
      Have a great productive and creative day, Catherine.
      Kind regards, Loes

  2. Very captivating site, Loes. Entering the site is almost theatrical. It makes me want to join WA all over again! Your personal story is a good read. Glad you have come out on top after the bumpy road.

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