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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2018

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2018

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It’s never too late to start something new. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Are you a beginner and do you want to read more about affiliate marketing for beginners? Then read on, I have so much to tell you about this.

In 2014 I started my affiliate marketing career at the Wealthy Affiliate University. Not really a University, but an online open source education platform. When I first came in contact with Wealthy Affiliate, I had my reserves. Not only the name but also my belief in online offers. I had already tried out several, and they were very disappointed for me.

So with split feelings, I started the free account, and as you can read, I am still a member. And I can tell you, I will never leave the platform, as long as I live.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

That is not in one sentence to summarize. You only can experience that by joining, but I will give it a try with some keywords.


Wealthy Affiliate tagged

It’s great to be a member of this amazing platform!

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, are always available for every member to contact them in person, with questions you might have. And I have contacted them numerous times the last couple of years. Here is a blog of Kyle, in person, about the prognosis of Affiliate Marketing in 2018

I will explain some words


  • With the use of easy to follow video instructions, you will be led step-by-step through the course.
  • Members are able to write their own training (and earn from it)
  • Thousands of training are waiting for you.


  • The security of the Wealthy Affiliate is Top Noche! Here is a blog of Carson, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate where he explains all about this; Best Spam Blocking Software
  • Free SSL for every owned domain name, read all about this here.

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing? Watch my video about it.



  • Warm, helpful, global. When you scroll down, you’ll find some interviews with Wealthy Affiliate members.

Other features

  • A fully integrated best online keyword research tool – JAAXY . Jaaxy-lite is free for premium members.
  • Site content writer with over 1,000,000 optimized images.
  • Site speed – with one push of the button your site speeds up to amazingly fast!
  • Next Level Video Technology, New UX
  • Spam free environment and website templates without advertisements.

Wealthy Affiliate referral program

Earn while you learn

What training can I try to maintain a website


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