An Interview With Kyle From Wealthy Affiliate

An Interview With Kyle From Wealthy Affiliate

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As we live to far apart from each other, we had to use the digital manner to accomplish an interview. And for now, we have to fantasize the surroundings, like sitting in an easy chair, while Kyle pours a drink for the both of us, and the soft music playing in the background during the interview.

Alas! It was not meant to be that way. For this interview, I had to mail Kyle, and I asked if he could pick out 10 questions from the 25 I sent him to answer. He was very generous and answered 13 questions. Thank you, Kyle!

Question 1 interview

I was 21 when I started my first website. It was built using Dreamweaver and a lot of manual HTML coding. It took me a month to really create and get live online and looking back, it is about 1/1000th of the quality of websites that can be created in less than 30 seconds using SiteRubix. It is amazing how technology has evolved in the matter of a decade.

Question 3 interview

I believe anyone can be influential and I think that it is only fair for people to have the ability to choose their influences. Someone that may influence you in your life path may be completely different than me and that is OK.

I am influenced by anyone that sheds a “positive” impact on my life, that could be people that are close to me or it could be external influences such as those that are doing brilliant things to push the better of humanity, the better of technology, and the better of themselves.

Question 4 interview

There are obviously the biggest expenses in life, a house, vehicles and travel. Outside of that though I spend the most money weekly on coffee!

The funny thing about money is that everyone wants more of it and they envision what it will do for them if they had more of it. This is purely the lottery mentality and far too many people simply like to think about it and not work for it.

However, something different happens when you work for it and you truly are doing something you love to generate income. It becomes far less important and content/happiness becomes the ultimate focus. If you are not happy and you are not enjoying what you do, no car, no beach, no house will make your life better.

Question 6 interview

I am in constant competition with myself. As a company, we are in competition with our very own product. We feel that there are always weakness and the elusive strive for perfection is the absolute biggest motivator.

Why? It is impossible. When you know something is out of reach, but you can continue reaching for it and you enjoy reaching for it, it will give you a lifetime of constant evolution and improvements.

Question 7 interview

Jony Ive. He is a design genius and someone whom I have followed for many years. Although it may not show face in some of my personal websites, it roots in all of my ideologies.

Louis CK. A laugh is worth more than anything and I like to be around people that can laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously.

Michael Jordan. My ultimate hero growing up. To be great at anything, you have to work the hardest at what you do and practice constantly. That is something that I have taken with me from early in my childhood and it is engrained in my day to day.

Question 8 interview

If you want to call it singing, yes.

Question 9 interview

I honestly have no idea. If I am happy and healthy and I am offering some sort of service that in some way betters other people’s lives, I consider that to be a success.

Question 15 interview

Fatigue. Sometimes it is easy to get drained when writing a lengthy post or lose interest in a post. I love the “starting” process of content, whereas the finishing touches have always driven me a bit nuts and have lead to a sort of fatigue.

I think this is something I share with most folks that write a lot of content. Besides that, I love everything about writing. It is absolutely my favourite form of communication and one that I feel is powerful because it is not transient like spoken word and it is something that people can digest, analyze and react to in a calculated way.

Question 16 interview

Give yourself time to succeed. Most people want everything to happen now. We live in an instant world and when it comes to budding bloggers, there is an anticipation that everything you do will achieve results and it will achieve results fast.

Like any business, though, the work you put forth now will pay off later. Keep up with your consistency, keep the passion in your business, and stay motivated for a sustained period of time and brilliant things will start to happen.

Things just start to click. A wind of momentum will get behind you.

Question 17 interview

Follow people’s actions, not what they say. There is a real problem with people saying whatever they want, but in reality, they do the opposite.

The problem is that some people that reach success don’t know how they got there. It can be tough to articulate and if you are looking to achieve what someone else has achieved, then all of the signs of what got them there will be found within their actions and not their actual voice.

Question 19 interview

One that is always changing. I get bored with the same thing every day and I like to mix up where I work, the type of work I am doing, and even my schedule. I am not cut out for cookie-cutter jobs.

Question 23 interview

I don’t like people that take advantage of others in any way. I think that we all have enough to focus on in our life than to have others trying to take advantage of us financially, emotionally and in some cases physically.

That sort of behaviour is something really frustrates.

Question 24 interview

The simple things in life. Being with family. A sunny day. A coffee in the AM. Waking up to doing something I love. Nothing material has ever made me happy for more than a few minutes.

I believe that if you cannot be happy with simplicity, then you are absolutely not going to be happy when you add any of complexity to your life and you definitely are not going to be happy when you achieve your financial “goals”.

Thank you very much Kyle, for letting us getting to know you a bit better.

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10 thoughts on “An Interview With Kyle From Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Very insightful especially no 4 about working for it and not being happy and enjoying what you are doing will make any difference if you had this that and the other.

  2. Shoo Kyle, what an honest interview. I love your philosophy of choosing a simple life, doing what you love and not focusing on material success. It is clear to me now why Wealthy Affiliate is what it is, a place of not only training, but support, encouragement, inspiration, kindness and love. You created it this way. Thank you. I see your pure intention behind your business made manifest through so many different people from all walks of life and countless, positive, uplifting interactions that take place every day as we comment on each others blogs and websites. A million likes. 🙂

    1. What a nice tribute comment for Kyle, I hope he will visit again and read it himself too, beautiful Lauren.
      Kind regards Loes

  3. Thanks for the interview Loes, I find it is always fun when you have to do a little “self analysis” and questions like this always allow for that. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of running a business that you don’t have time to reflect on what you have accomplished, what you have struggled with, and various other elements that have gone into creating a business.

    I hope this has given your readers some perspective about not just me, but our core values at Wealthy Affiliate and where we have come from. One thing that will never change as I move forward within the online business space, my love for interaction with others and helping folks. I hope this came across within my interview.

    1. It was my pleasure to interview you, Kyle. I hope, with these questions, to give readers an impression about the people behind the scene of Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure these interviews will help a lot to give my readers a clear picture of what it is like to work with each other towards success and grow our business together. Again, thank you so much for giving us a peek into your daily life and thoughts. Kind regards, Loes

  4. Consistency! That is what Kyle said (about success). Learn to do things right and do them over and over again. John

    1. Hello John, that is exactly what Kyle is teaching us, and the training is totally focused on success.
      Kind regards, Loes

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