An Interview With Robert Allan

An interview with Robert Allan

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For this interview, I have sent Robert 25 questions and asked him: “Can you pick out 10 questions to answer?” Robert lives in Scotland and as a real Scotsman, he likes the traditional dish, Haggis. I have met him about 1,5 year ago. And ever since we have almost daily contact. He is always willing to help anyone who needs assistance. Scotland is on my bucket list to visit, so I am sure we will meet in person someday.

Question 1 interview

2005 when WordPress first came out.  From then on for the next 7 years, I built websites to sell on to other people and made quite a good living out off it.  The websites were easy to build in those early years and were very basic.

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Question 4 interview

Most of the time I help out my two daughters with various Parasolbills and

for holidays. I also buy things for my own apartment.


Question 5 interview

I visit my 90-year-old mother and run errands for her because after she fell and broke her hip she has to use walking sticks or a rollator now but can’t get around like she used to.  I also visit my girls as often as I can to see my grandchildren.


Question 6 interview

Winning isn’t important to me as long as I know I did my best.  Doing one’s best in this life is really all one can expect and as someone once said  –  it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts.

Question 10 interview

I’m honest as the day is long, I speak my mind, I’m good with people (communicator) and was a trainer for many years in the government department I work in.


Question 15 interview

ScotlandFor me personally, it’s not knowing when to stop.  Have I said enough or was there more I could have said.  Is the message I want to get across clear and concise.  So you publish anyway and hope it does what its supposed to do.


Question 16 interview

Research your content and make it relevant to the subject.  Too many people go off on a tangent and write stuff that bears little relevance to what they started off writing about.  Stick to the point of your title and you can’t go far wrong.


Question 17 interview

Treat people the way you like to be treated yourself, and that is with respect.  Talk to people and not down to them and they will give you this respect and due consideration.


Question 21 interview

Not marrying my oldest daughters mother 46 years ago.  She died last year so there’s nothing I can do about it now.  But I was there for her with our daughter at the end.


Question 23 interview

People who do not keep their word.  This is a biggie for me.  I really don’t like people who tell you they will do this, that or the other while knowing they have no intention of doing so.


An interview with Robert Allan

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14 thoughts on “An Interview With Robert Allan

  1. Hi Loes, Albeit knowing Robert for just a short couple of months, I can truly say he is a great teacher, loves what he does, helpful, supportive and every importantly, have that great sense of Scottish humor 🙂 !
    I am still very much a “newbie”, got lost and distracted along the way and Robert is trying his best to put me back on the right track!! :)))

    Thank you, Loes, for doing the Interview; Robert, a million thanks for “rescuing” me!!

  2. Hi Loes,

    This was a very good interview with Robert! He does talk and speak as a real Scotsman.
    Since I have known him and his work, I have the greatest admiration and respect for him and what he share’s with his audience.
    I have learned so very much from his writings and it has very much inspired me with what I do with my own work.
    He is very encouraging with his good advice and it makes you not want to give up, when you are thinking the worst.
    Robert is very professional and does speak his mind and I like that honesty in him. It would be great if more were to do that! If he did not , then we would keep on making those dreadful and costly mistakes and not learn anything!
    He is one in a million and love his politeness in his greetings!


    1. Hi Linda, I agree with you, Robert knows his way around with SEO and keywords. He is a serious businessman, helping others where he can. Have a nice day, Loes

  3. Robert is a great one to highlight Loes. He truly is always there for all of us! I’ve seen him do endless posts on the same subject just because someone still had questions. He will stick with you till you get it like no one I’ve ever known. I always know that I can call on Robert if I’m ever stuck and he will help. Anyone who wants to be successful with online business should get in touch with Robert!

  4. What a lovely interview and I agree Robert is a man of integrity, gives great advice and support to those who reach out to him and makes a sound mentor

    1. He is a patient and understanding teacher Katie, and I love to have him in my network as well at Wealthy Affiliate, thank you for your compliment, Loes

  5. Hi Loes,
    I have had the opportunity to speak with Robert through Wealthy Affiliate, he has helped me understand things that were completely foreign to me. He is an excellent trainer, an excellent person whom I would love to meet one day. Thank you for interviewing him.

    Loes, I have had the opportunity to partake in some of your trainings, you come across clear and thoroughly. Thank you for that. Thank you for building this website, thank you for all of your help and support.

    1. Hello Rea Anne, thank you for dropping by. Robert is indeed a very kind and helpful friend. Glad to hear you got his attention and assistance too. Loes

  6. Hi Loes,
    What a guy! He is the best! Isn’t he? Need a helping hand? Robert to the rescue! There he is with unconditional assistance. I couldn’t have found a better mentor and go-to resource. Thank you Robert for all you have given to us all!


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