An Interview With Robert Prescott

an interview with Robert Prescott

If it wasn’t for Robert’s help, I have had more problems than I wished for.  His support is non-stop and always to the point! And I do love his regular Sunday post on the Wealthy Affiliate blog/forum so much, especially when he ends his post with a Youtube from The Fluffy Guy, Gabriel Iglesias. Robert has joined The Wealthy Affiliate University at the 5th of August 2013, Ans ever since he has been an active and supportive member of this awesome community.


Question 1 interview

My first ever website was when I became a member of WA and I was 50 years old.

Question 5 interview
Play video games, out at the park, or sleeping.


Question 7 interview

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Kyle, co-founder of WA, and Barack Obama POTUS.

An interview with Robert Prescott

Question 8 interview

No, but if I start washing dishes by hand, I like to sing.


Question 9 interview

Retired with a house in the mountains.


Question 12 interview

Kyle because he has some forward thinking ideas.


Question 15 interview

Staying consistent in your writing schedule and coming up with fresh ideas.


Question 16 interview

Make sure writing in a conversational tone is something you project in your writing style.


Question 19 interview

Working from home in a quiet surrounding.


Question 22 interview

The lack of communication between people when it comes to important issues like work or in a relationship.


Thank you so much for your cooperation with this interview Robert.

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An interview with Robert Prescott

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