An interview with Stephanie Ann Hill

An interview with Stephanie Ann Hill
About a year ago I have met Stephanie on the forum, the time I got interested in the HTML website language and the basic of CSS. Stephanie turned out to be a very good teacher. She has written numerous tutorials for the benefit of members at the Wealthy Affiliate University. She is a teacher at heart, and with patience and dedication, she is explaining her knowledge to all Wealthy Affiliate members.
Question 1 interview

I was 34 years old.


Question 2 interview
I always love these questions because it reflects our accomplishments and what makes us special as web designers and affiliate marketers. They say you can find out a lot about people by what they wear, but I say you can find out a lot about people by what kind of websites they design.


I am currently working on the following projects:

Maintenance of a tribute site for my father (game designer). He passed away 14 months ago. I began the construction of a website to pass down his legacy three months after he went to Heaven and that website is now 11 months old and has 52 posts and 48 pages.


John Hill, renowed Wargame Designer

A Work from Home website that teaches individuals looking for ways to earn a full time or part time income from home how they can do it. I have ample tutorials categorized into web design, affiliate marketing and SEO tutorials. I have product reviews on both scam and legitimate opportunities as well as other essential tools. I drive traffic to Wealthy Affiliate through this website which is the platform I learned everything on.


Legitimate Online Opportunity


One of my best and oldest friends from high school is getting remarried this coming June 2016. She has been through much turmoil over the years but has come back and is stronger than ever. As a wedding gift to her, I have designed her wedding website. Read…

The amazing story of Jen and Eric

Although still in its infancy stage and not as developed as the three websites listed previously, I have a portfolio site that illustrates my works.



Still in the early draft stages, I am working on a website focusing on autism in children. I am currently focusing on toys that are appropriate for children with autism categorized into social engagement and interaction, emotional development and regulation, creative thinking and imaginative play, sensory motor development, communication and interaction, and cognitive and problem-solving. My domain name will probably be something like ToysForKidsOnTheSpectrum but not sure yet as I have yet to purchase the domain. This interest stems from being a parent of a now teenager with high functioning autism / Aspergers Syndrome. I also worked in the special education field for many years before doing what I do now.


Question 5 interview

This is a great question because life is all about maintaining a balance. We need to obviously find a way to earn an income to pay the bills, mortgage, etc. But we also need to be focused on what is most important in life such as family and being there for our loved ones. This is a lesson that was brought home to me when my father passed away. I spent many years living far away from my parents and developing my career, but now I realize I should not have lost focus on what truly matters. Your boss can replace you at a moment’s notice, but to your family, you are irreplaceable. So focusing on what matters most is what I do when I am not working. That means spending time with my kids, my mother and investing time into my hobbies, such as healthy cooking and inventing new recipes.


Question 8 interview

No, I am not a bathroom singer. Even I do not like the sound of my singing voice. I often think of songs and am unable to get them out of my head at times, but I do not sing in the bathroom.


Question 9 interview

Being that my father died before the age of 70, and I have inherited many of his health and heart complications, I am just hoping to be alive in 25 years from now. That being said, I am not fearful of death, because I believe that there is something even bigger waiting for us when we move to the next dimension of life.


Question 13 interview

It was not necessarily a first post I remember, but rather an entire first website. My first website was built while I was studying for my certification in website design in 2003. Our instructors gave us an assignment to build a business website for either a real or fake business. I had a close girlfriend who was getting a new business she started off the ground. She was a horse trainer and she was starting a business on therapeutic horseback riding for special needs kids. I asked if I could do her website. She was thrilled and so I launched an awesome website for her that she was super pleased with. Although she now longer has this business, so the website is no longer live, but I remember feeling the joy of know that I was helping parents and people to find my friend’s business via the Internet so they could find quality therapeutic horseback riding services for their special needs children, because I have seen the positive effects animals have on kids with disabilities and I was delighted to be a part of this effort.


Question 15 interview

I believe this question is going to be different for different people, but for me, I find the difficult part of the writing process is finding the time. I enjoy reading and researching as much as I do enjoy writing, so I will easily get lost in reading other posts and articles that I get so drawn in, that I will easily forget that I need to produce some content too. So for me, it is keeping that balance of reading and writing in check.

Quote Malala Yousafzai
Question 17 interview

As someone who worked for many years in the education field in both K-12 and higher education, I just love this question especially. The advice I would give kids today who look up to me as their inspiration is to find your passion in life and pursue with all of your heart and soul. Do not listen to all of the negativity going on around you. There will always be people who will try and tear down your dreams and tell you following your particular passion is not worth it. My advice is to politely smile at those people, turn around and continue forward, following that passion that is in your heart. Your passion is what makes you unique and that uniqueness will take you to places you can only imagine.


Question 24 interview

I am most happy if, at the end of the day, I can reflect and say that I accomplished something that day and was productive. This for me, does not just have to do with just being productive in my business, because the mind sometimes needs a rest from such bottom-line thinking. I find enjoyment in exploring new recipes (as stated earlier) and right now, that is not a part of my business, although I might develop a food blog down the road, but right now it is a relaxation exercise that allows my mind to become fully refreshed and I can return my thoughts and energies back to my business. If I feel I succeed in maintaining a balance, I am a more happy well-rounded individual.


Question 25 interview
I am a creative thinker. I enjoy finding ways of achieving my creative outlets. I am easily bored with TV for instance. So many people focus on movies and television and for me, they put to sleep. I like to make and create things, not watch things. That is my passion. I like creating content. I like reflecting on things to say and things to do. I like creating recipes. I like thinking of ways different ingredients and herbs can be combined. Those are the things that I am most passionate about.
An interview with Stephanie Ann Hill
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14 thoughts on “An interview with Stephanie Ann Hill

  1. I have enjoyed the interview with Stephanie she is a great part of the community and we can learn much from her, and she is very creative and dedicated to her work, she resonates with many and if always feels like nothing is too much bother for her, a refreshing and creative teacher I am sure her students love her

    1. Hi Katie,thanks, she is a well-respected member of the WA community, as teacher and colleague and friend :)like you are too, see you later, have a nice day, Loes

    1. Hi Susan, your comment is very much appreciated, thank you!
      Have a nice week too ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ Loes

  2. Hi Loes;

    I totally agree with what Linda Liu said above about the remarkable Steph Hill.
    And what a generous, caring and thoughtful soul Ms. Hill is!
    This comes through in your good interview:)
    You have a fine and insightful blog here, Loes, and I think you and Steph are 2 very dynamic ladies!

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Terry, you are very thorough in making clear what you feel about us:) she is indeed a very caring friend and I appreciate her help and friendship very much. Kind regards Loes

  3. Hi Loes;
    Linda Liu above described Stephanie Ann hill just right!
    It is a pleasure to know both you dynamic ladies, and thank you very much for presenting this interview to us:)


      1. Hahaha…yes, I am waiting in the wings backstage at Wealthy Affiliate:)
        Loes, I hope you will still be my friend when you see I’ve written a duplicate comment (I didn’t see this one had been posted by you!)…
        Oh well, no Gouda for me…:(
        I just figured out how to add my ‘professional touch’ to my heartfelt comment…hence, my double exposure, sorry:(

        1. Never mind Terry, I love comments on my articles, at least, I know you are honest in speaking out your thoughts about Steph and me 🙂

  4. Wow, Steph…. your websites certainly do say a lot about you, revealing a beautiful, loving daughter, mother, teacher and friend who oozes compassion and understanding. I’ve met you already, but now I feel I know you a whole lot better. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in this interview and thanks to Loes for providing questions that prompted these answers.

  5. I really enjoyed reading one of my most favorite persons interview! Stephanie is one of the most beautiful writers, that always inspires me in some way and she has a way that makes a person understand what ever she is wanting you to know.
    She has a special way of connecting with her targeted audience. I never get bored reading what she has to say or maybe it is a lesson or video. She has a very sweet voice and would like to see more video’s down by her.
    I can not say enough about Stephanie. She is a very caring and sensitive individual and writer.

    Blessings to her and her family,


    1. Hi Linda, you’ve got to love her, she is a natural writer and inspires lots of people at Wealthy Affiliate and presumingly also many others around her in her daily life, thanks for commenting! Kind regards, Loes

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