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Surfing the internet you found this review of Wealthy Affiliate. Looking for the best way make money online, which is no scam. And there are really so many scammy sites out there, that you are at the point you hardly trust any smoothly written advertisement. Promises of getting rich overnight without any effort. Flashing ads which are telling you how easy it is to get your piece of the pie by just clicking one button. And you did click buttons, and it has cost you money, lots of money, but you never saw one dime coming in.

How the heck, do these people earn money out there?

The ones who are telling you to get rich overnight are also the ones who actually do get rich overnight, from your money. They are quite right, you trusted them, and now they have your attention (and your money), they ask for more money and tell you that you have to invest, in order to get a more sophisticated program, that will make you earn the same money as they do. They work with up-sells. You are paying to get a seat inside, then for the first incomplete tip, not enough to earn anything, you need more info, and when you pay again, you will discover it’s still not sufficient, but HEYYY! There is another upgrade…. and another…. and another…

Making millions of dollars overnight

Is that really possible? Yes, when you can attract millions of followers and views on Youtube, and your name is pewdiepie. But when you are not called pewdiepie but plain John or Jane, you are out of luck. Or when you got into bitcoins in the early days, you are into big money too right now. When I want to mine bitcoins today, I have to go deep into my pocket to get just one.

But our name isn’t pewdiepie, and we didn’t invest in bitcoins either. So forget the scenario to get rich overnight, unless you have a unique – superb – magnificent – idea. So ask another question instead:

How many dollars are going around out there every night?

Well, that’s HUGE! That are trillions of dollars going from bank account to bank account. From person to shop. And that’s exactly where we are active. We partner up with the shops, and we are asking them permission to promote their products, and in return for that, we get commissions. Don’t you like a piece of the action?

A collaboration with companies

A totally legal partnership, an affiliation, that’s why it’s called affiliate marketing.

Free is just a little piece of the action

Most online advertisers offer you a free version of their program. And when you are in, you find out that the free version is just not that. It is incomplete and not workable in the way it should work out for you. We have a free and a premium version too. And the free version is very suitable to display your hobby, your travel stories, or to make a terrific wedding report. 2 of my daughters have a free account, one had her travel book online so we could follow her doings abroad. The other used it to show her secondhand clothes to sell them online.

Making money with your website

I have a couple of hobbyistic websites online too, not making money with those, but I love to display things to the world. And I have profitable websites I earn from. I took the plunge and started in 2014 the Wealthy Affiliate online course, as a total nitwit. And the first 5 months, I didn’t make a dime, but I learned so much. And the 5th month I saw things changing, I got my first sale! Owww what a thrill! You can not imagine how excited I was! And don’t laugh, I got all excited over an amount of € 3,08 and after 4 sales I got paid € 15,52. I know it’s not much, but it proved to me it worked!

Bol first commission


A sale, a sale, a sale…

And they kept coming, sale after sale… I finally found a way to make money online! And so can you!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

We are not some elite group. We come from all over the world and from all walks of life. And we are there to help each other, with our stories, and tell how we solved our problems. And how we made things work for us. We share all our findings. And when you decide to join us, you can start out with a free account, and try out everything. Make a trial website, just to get the feeling. You can always delete the website and start over again. You can play around with our program, as long as you want. Because free is free at the Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask questions to all members. You can go into live chat and meet members who are online.


Wealthy Affiliate University Sign up


When you look at my Top Menu, you can find the pricing chart and the comparison between a free and a paid for membership. This is a great opportunity to find out what Wealthy Affiliate is. And to give yourself the chance to explore everything that’s inside! I will be there to welcome you and to answer any question which might rise!

8 thoughts on “Best Way To Make Money Online No Scams

  1. I don’t think that’s true at all, Naomi. That’s harsh. Loes, I think the post was great! Keep up all your hard work and it will pay off!

    1. Hi Evelyn, thank you, I know what I have found, Naomi is still searching, and there are really very many scammy sites out there. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was wary too. I know better now. Have a nice day. Loes

      1. She just said she liked the post, damnit. She never said that she was apart of The Wealthy Affiliate at all, which proves to me you are just another Internet scam trying to get to people. You show signs. Incorrect grammar, and also overeagerness. Scammers and liars and cheaters are what you all are. I rest my case.

        1. Hi Naomi, I do not make a secret out of it, that I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate when you look at my sidebar, it’s quite obvious. That said, Of course, I have incorrect grammar on my website, I am not a native English speaker, and although I try to use the English grammar rules to the best of my knowledge, and with the help of the Grammarly app, it will always be traceable that my roots are Dutch. I wish you well, finding something that will suit you better, Naomi, have a great day

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