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Change Your Life In 7 Days

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You do not have to stay in misery, you can change your life in 7 days. I was making ends meet a few years ago when I took the plunge at Wealthy Affiliate. Knowing nothing about earning money online, websites or advertising. The day I started the online affiliate marketing course at the Wealthy Affiliate University, I remember I thought: “You do not get one penny from me before I make myself some money through your program. “Boy, I was wrong!”

The personal touch of Wealthy Affiliate

dive into this world
Dive into this world of unknown opportunities

I will tell you what happened. My first day, I surfed and looked through the lessons they provided, and I found such a wealth of online training it dazzled me. Right from the beginning people offered me a helping hand. Amazing! People I had never met offered their assistance to me! Online guru’s reached out to a plain housewife and a nitwit online, living in a little village in the Netherlands. Even the developers, Kyle and Carson, of Wealthy Affiliate, placed a personal message on my just made profile page. That was truly heartwarming. I was not in this adventure alone, I suddenly realized there were a lot of friendly helpful people!

The big course offer of Wealthy Affiliate

I started to make a list of everything that was to find in the huge library. I love lists, they put things into perspective for me. Here is the list I made back then. I made that list by adding what, why, how into the search bar on top of every page at the forum.

  • How to build a website?
  • Advertising on Social Media.
  • What are keywords and how to find them?
  • What is a search engine and what is SEO?
  • How to let Google know I have a website?
  • Why is page rank important?
  • How to write an article or a review?
  • What can I learn from Google Analytics?
  • What is a niche?
  • How to make a backup?

Dropdown information when you type “How” into the search bar. This is only one grab out of thousands of training available at the Wealthy Affiliate University. The training is written by the members.

Change your life in 7 days

Similar online marketing education

I started searching in my own country if there were websites around providing something equally. And I found similar education modules. All priced one by one and time was limited. No total package. No infinite access. In a split second, I saw the diamond within. I struck gold!

Wealthy Affiliate beyond imagine…

Starting as a totally online nitwit almost 3 years ago, I developed in the meanwhile 7 websites and I am earning an online income. From not knowing anything I am helping people daily to get answers. From an unknown ignorant Dutch housewife I became a well-known helper. As you can see in the dropdown when I type “Loes” into the search bar. I feel really appreciated!

Change your life in 7 days

Change your life in 7 days

In the first 7 days, I made the decision to stay at the Wealthy Affiliate University. To go for it. I was determined to make things happen for me online. And I did succeed! And I am still rising, the sky is the limit.

When you decide today to sign up, I’ll be there, along with thousands of other helpful members. You do not need a previous IT education. Every training you need is available from the first step into the online world. All you need is enthusiasm and perseverance. Take the challenge for the next 7 days.

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