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Create A Successful Business Website

Create A Successful Business Website

Loes Knetsch Ⓒ

Hey, good day to you. Do you have a business and still not a website? Or do you want to start your own online business? Then this is for you. Building a website is nowadays indispensable and very easy. The online website builders are taking care of all coding. You don’t need to be a computer freak, nowadays.  Not having a website for your business is a missed opportunity. Online trade increases with the day. But how to create your own business website online? Here are 12 tips for you to create a successful business website.

1. Choose the right name

It is very important for your business to choose the right name. A name which can be remembered easily. I always say:”When you are driving in your car, and you see a www address on a van? And you don’t have pencil and paper to write it down? Will people remember your www address when they got home?

You can try some names out right now!

2. Keep it simple, no-nonsense.

A lot of people are entering the online world with little to no knowledge. Ask your grandfather or grandmother to test your website, look over their shoulder what they do. Give him/her as an assignment to find some item on your website. Step into the shoes of the average internet user. You’ll be surprised by your findings!


3. GPS for Google

Start right away with a roadmap for your website. Make links on every page to go back to the previous page. Keep your website easy to explore, make it simple for visitors to find all content. Try to structure your website into a 3 click to any content on your website. Prevent to make a maze of your website. A simple way to make your website very friendly is to create an archive and place the link to it in your menu.

GPS for Google

4. Show your passion

The reaction of your customer must be:

I liked the passion on this website so much, I bought the whole company!

People can smell from a distance whether you wrote your blog just for the money, or that you wrote the information from your heart.

5. Welcome to Patience County

Becoming an authority online demands patience. There is room enough in the driveway of the internet, but you have to take up the poleaxe against thousands of competitors.  Consistency and patience is the golden rule.

And of course…


6. A good product

You can sell anything online, but the love for the product you sell makes online success a lot easier. When you sell a quality product, you can talk about it with love, people can detect this. This is my business website. And I love to develop websites. The team I work with is international and very capable. And I would love to teach you all ins and outs to create a terrific business website.


7. A terrific support team

Wealthy Affiliate, the company I work with, has a terrific support team. These are the owners.

Wealthy Affiliate team Kyle and Carson


These biggies are supported by 15-20 professional technicians.

Read more about these technical developers.


8. A good organization is always a step ahead!

A good organization starts with a good education, skill is the key to success. Wealthy Affiliate is the market leader with educations in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Together with the great support team 24/7/365 and our very diverse and enthusiastic community, we second you to make your business website a thriving one!


9. We’re serious about your website.

We tend to be overprotected. We are darn serious about your property. Our system protects your website against any intruder. Our host is protecting against hackers and spam. The Wealthy Affiliate University has a completely spam free environment. There is nothing less than to find out that your website is hacked.


10. Make your website simply the best there is.

To be sure everything is working correctly you can ask for feedback anytime. As part of the service, there are threads inside to help you arrange and develop your website.


11. SEO research, drive a Ferrari instead of a Trabant

Ferrari vs Trabant

As part of the deal, you will have access to our very advanced integrated keyword research tool. Free for unlimited use for premium members. Also, the unique site speed program served to every premium member will give you the advantage over the competitors.


12. Analytics is an investment in good performance.

The lessons include how to implement Google and Bing analytics and Google and Bing webmaster tools. That’s a very important lesson because, after all, you want people to find your website on a Google or Bing search.

When you are still not convinced, you are able to take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate premises. Totally for free. We give you the opportunity to surf the website for 7 days! To make sure that all I have told you is completely true. By filling in just your email address and a username, you are IN. You are able to make a thorough and sensible business decision. Take your time to make up your mind. Whether this is a good opportunity for you.

When you decide to take up our offer, I’ll be there to welcome you, along with thousands of other website developers.


Create A Successful Business Website

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