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I ♥ lists, and I have created a lot of them for myself. I like to share them with you. So you can benefit from my learning curves.

I hope you will enjoy them 🙂

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What are PDF files?

The abbreviation PDF stands for Portable Document Format

This is a file format developed by Adobe Systems as a way to store documents in an unchangeable state and a way for people to read them on each type of computer and share files exactly as they were designed.

How can they be made and opened?
PDF files are document files that can be found frequently on the internet. PDF files can be created in different ways. An ideal option is to do this with a Word program. You may be familiar with this because you can save any doc file as a PDF too. To read PDF’s you need to download a special reader. This can be downloaded free for different platforms. This makes it so popular, but the most beautiful thing is that the file can hardly be adjusted anymore and what you see on your screen, that’s how it is printed. And that makes the file format much more popular. It can’t be copied. When your files are converted to PDF files, people can print them easily.

How to create a PDF in 7 steps?

1. Create a PDF from doc file in a Word program.

2. Write your article, you can add pictures and links too.

3. When you are finished, click on file, scroll down the drop down and save as PDF.

4. Give it the name/title you want it to appear with on your website.

5. When you have saved the PDF, you can upload it with the “add media” button.

6. When your PDF is uploaded, copy the link in your media library when you want to attach it to an image. Or use the insert link button to make a text link.

7. Check if your PDF is working and if the PDF opens in a new tab.

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