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Google Monopoly Investigation Alphabet Structure

Google monopoly investigation

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Google, who has as parent company Alphabet, is the most valuable company in the world.  The quarterly and yearly figures were better than expected. The stock price of the company is boosted to a new summit. In the last quarter of 2015, sales were about 20 percent higher than the year before. This brought them to a profit of 6.7 billion. The stock market value was $ 568 billion. Apple remained behind with the value of a “shameful” $ 534 billion. I have conducted an investigation for you about the Google monopoly all over the internet and how you can benefit from it.

Alphabet and Google

Google isn’t solely the search engine anymore since it started. During an explanation from Google’s CEO, Sundair Pichai, was announced that Gmail now has more than one billion monthly active users. This means that it is Google’s seventh service that retrieves these user numbers.

In 2015, Google announced that they became part of Alphabet. Under the Google label, all known services, like Gmail and Youtube, are now covered. These services provide by far the most income.

Google Monopoly Investigation Alphabet Structure

Google Monopoly Investigation Alphabet_structure


Companies attached to Alphabet

  • Google Fiber – Low-cost internet provider
  • Waymo (X) – Self-driving car
  • Nest – Smart Home Hardware
  • Jigsaw – Think tank for solutions about geopolitical problems
  • Google – Structuring and making information available. Maps; Search; YouTube; Android; Apps; Ads; Chrome
  • Venture Capital (GV) – Investment company for start-ups
  • Venture Capital (Google Capital) – Fund for growth companies
  • Calico – Dramatically prolong life expectancy
  • Verily – Preventive disease control
  • Side Walk Labs: Making cities more lively
  • Astro Teller: The pursuit of Moonshots
  • Google Deepmind: Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Besides the companies of Alphabet, there are also multiple projects in actions; Project Loon (balloons); Project Wing (Drones); Project Titan (Solar-powered internet delivering drones) and ATAP (a busy research lab).

Google is your best friend and Alphabet is his father

To pick a little grain of the profit internet provides, it’s wise to understand a bit about Google’s algorithm; at least, try to understand. Google is an innovative company and will always try to improve its service to you. Google looks through the SEO tricks of the black hats nowadays. Their sophisticated systems will sandbox more and more websites who are not playing by the rules.

SEO rules the internet highway

Here is a blog post of me about 25 points to check before you publish your blog.

Google Algorithm updates

Google is trying very hard to get the bad apples out of the system and reward quality content.

Google Panda (2011)- Mainly took care of the low-quality content.
Google Penguin (2012)- The underlying idea of the update was simple enough. Penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
Google Hummingbird (2013)- To improve the indexing of information rather than sorting of information.
Google Pigeon (2014)- The update is aimed to increase the ranking of local listing in a search.
Google Mobile-Friendly Update (2015)

Google, YouTube, and G+

Since Google and YouTube are one now, you need to consider to become active on both media. When you post a blog, add a YouTube video of your own on your channel ánd in your blog. Be sure you use the same keyword phrase for both. Then share your YouTube ánd your blog on G+ and #hashtag your keywords.

Play Google Monopoly, and play it good!

  1. Learn Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. Start a YouTube Channel, make your first video here 
  3. Fill in a complete G+ profile
  4. Combine the 3

Google monopoly investigation

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