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How To Create A Website Tutorials

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You have an idea to create a website, but you have no idea where to start. Where to think of or what to do. You came to the right place! It’s good to realize that building a website needs some education. For the first website I build, I used a CD-ROM, the website looked terrific, but I had one problem, the only visitor was me. The website foundation was worthless for monetization. I needed a training!

So I searched the whole internet to find a suitable and affordable training to make a professional business website, and I found one! In Canada 🙂

How To Create A Website Tutorials

This is what the training and platform are offering for one all-in-one premium price:

(The free membership is limited)

  • A complete automized website builder (WordPress Themes)
  • Hosting and subdomain names are included
  • Step-by-step training for setting up pages and posts
  • How to create a sitemap for Google and Bing
  • How to set up Google Search Console (to get your website out there for visitors)
  • How to set up Bing/ Yahoo webmaster tools (to pop up in Bing/ Yahoo searches)
  • How to create content (Write articles)
  • How to give your website a professional look (Favicon)Favicon icon generator
  • The lessons include a privacy policy and an affiliate disclaimer
  • You learn to create a newsletter
  • To add a contact form
  • How to apply for affiliation with companies
  • The course has its own advanced keyword research tool
  • You learn which keywords or keyword phrases can score high
  • How and where to fill in keywords (to optimize your website for the search engines SEO)
  • How to brand your website
  • They teach you how to get traffic
  • Which images you can use freely, and which you definitely can not use
  • There is training about how to monetize your website
  • And how to add and create banners to make money
  • What are affiliate networks?
  • How to display your website on Social Media
  • Or how to run a paid per click campaign (PPC)
  • How to narrow down your niche (Niche= a group of people who are interested in your subject)
  • How to check your website speed, indexation, and mobile friendliness
  • How to get comments and website feedback
  • Free security pack and backups
  • Free SSL green padlock for owned domain names
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 worldwide community support
  • This is a grip from the program, there is more…much more…

Click here to take a look at the course price

We offer a free membership and a premium membership

For me, it was a no-brainer! I found courses in the Netherlands 10 times more expensive than this Canadean offer. I’m so glad I took this step 3 years ago.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

A lot of people I helped during their time studying at the Wealthy Affiliate University have their own successful niche website now and left again. Also, a lot of people choose to promote the Wealthy Affiliate course, which has its own terrific paying program, and they are staying and supporting new members to create a successful website. With attracting 3 new members, you’re in the clear, every extra member will bring you profit.

If you are looking for help, to set up your own professional business website, you found it! The Wealthy Affiliate University is a unique online open education program concept. And we (I can say “we” after 3 years) are that sure of our case, we offer you a 7-day completely free trial period. So you can check up every bit I have told you above. No credit card needed.


Just fill in your (nick)name and email address and you will have instant access.


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