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My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate

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Hey, you must be curious about what Wealthy Affiliate exactly is, and as a member for several years now, I think, I am qualified to give you some inside information about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I will be as honest as I can be. And if you have any questions after reading this, you can enter them into the comment form below.

Wealthy Affiliate logoWhat is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online education platform to teach anyone how to set-up a website and monetize it. It is suitable for beginners, advanced, and not native English speakers. At the time I was starting the video courses, my English level was that of a 4-year-old child (A2 level). And an uncountable number of times, I stopped the video’s and used Google translate to understand the words correctly. For me, that was a handicap, but doable. And when you are a native English speaker, you can do this course with 2 fingers in the nose (Dutch proverb). I don’t know if this is an English proverb too, but I guess you will understand the meaning of it.

Which features have Wealthy Affiliate?

We have a lively forum. Worldwide. So there is always someone awake 🙂 The possibility to ask questions and to interact in the live chat. Wealthy Affiliate provides 2 Official courses, both contain 5 modules of 10 lessons, all on video. Besides the official courses, all premium members, who are a member for over 3 months, are allowed to offer their own knowledge in a tutorial to the community. Therefore, there are thousands of member additions available. I have provided over 60 tutorials to the community. We have our own terrific keyword tool free for unlimited use by premium members. Also very important are the short lines to our 24/7 support theme, you can read about this here in “Carson on line”. Kyle and Carson are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, and they are the most active members you can think of, always there to help, assist and advice where needed. And also often to find in the live chat to talk directly with the boys.

goedkoop programma om een website te makenWhat do you learn at Wealthy Affiliate?

We have a 4-step website builder. That will set-up the first principles of your very first and functional website. Years ago, I tried to write a website, I had a whole code form for all kind of commands. It was a disaster 🙁 One stripe or wrong bracket and it wouldn’t work.  But wow, things have changed! You don’t even have to know any coding anymore, everything is automated. A child can write a website nowadays. This about the easy part.

Then, up to the next level. Take a quick look at the “Getting Started” course. This course contains 50 video lessons. I did this course about three times. Rewind and again. Rewind and again. But I successfully graduated. You will learn all you need to know about monetizing a website during this course. The member tutorials are more on the level of special effects, developing and marketing. Those two match great together.

What can you earn at Wealthy Affiliate?

I have had quite a slow start, anyone can do better then I did, I know. Besides the fact that my membership can be paid from my profit, I do have also an additional monthly income on top of this of an average $ 50- $ 75. And increasing. The reason for my slow start was, that I not directly began with a special niche website. I started with This is kids art followed by my spiritual message website in Dutch, de Kleurboekjes. I know I am not yet a millionaire, but it’s a beginning and it is more than I ever made with other online programs. And I did quite a few surveys and ad clicking, which is very drudgery.

The pricing is a real laugh.

This makes me very happy. The pricing of this all-in-one course. $29.92 a month (Based on an annual membership). That’s less than one family big Mac menu a month. And this is the price. The price includes all, the website, hosting, training, support, help, security, everything! You can work on your website without any worries.

Questions about Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you have any questions you want to ask me about the inside of this incredible online education platform? Please ask, using the below comment section.

Are you looking for the perfect online marketing education?

You’ve just found it 🙂 And you will see, you are not alone because all the members are very helpful and kind. I started at the age 0f 54, and I was truly surprised that a community like this really existed. I make you a deal – you get 7 days totally free access – to walk around the Wealthy Affiliate premises and chat with me on your or my profile. No strings attached, no credit card needed, just a free visit. And better – you may try out everything! The website builder, the live chat, you may even write your first blog! How about that?

What will I do for a living in about 2 years from now?

For now, I combine my regular job with the developing and monetizing my websites. But I will be earning a full-time income online in about 2 years. And then I will be traveling around this planet, getting commissions from my niche websites. When this is your dream too, let’s do it!

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My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Hi, Loes! I love what you are doing with your siterubix site. It is helping me think “outside the box” so to speak.
    You have a very excellent approach to helping others, and it is something I am observing and learning from you.
    Best wishes,

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