Avoid Scam Online

Ways To Avoid Scams Online

Ways to avoid scams online

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We all know of the scammy acts some sleazy people will pull out of their sleeves to trick you into clicking links and phishing for private data. There must be a market for these scammers, something to gain, otherwise, it would stop eventually. But it doesn’t stop, it is increasing by the day.

What can you do to protect yourself?

How to avoid scams onlineNever ever click links send to your by email. How trusted they may look. The email account can be hacked and the name of your good friend can be used by a hacker to get into your computer too.

Common email scams

VIP’s are sending you $$$$$ – Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Some Microsoft lottery. Don’t believe it! It’s a scam!

PayPal – Your account will be closed – This mail IS NOT FROM PAYPAL!

Bankmail – Your bank will NEVER ask you for pin codes or private data via email.

FBI – DO NOT FREAK OUT! They will not send you security emails!

Which anti-virus program is suitable for you?

Install an anti-virus program. You can get good free software or you can buy a trusted program.

Free software: AVG Free
AVG Free
is suitable for any hobby computer. It will stop and warn you of most attacks and you can surf safely over the internet.

Paid software: McAfee
MCAfee is a paid for anti-virus program and is suitable for small online business.

Blocks everything paid software: Norton
When you want to protect your business network you can chose for Norton from Symantec
This is a quite heavy program and you have to consider if you want this on your laptop. It’s like putting an elephant on a mouse.

Ways to avoid scams online

The first thing I do when I find an online offer which seems to good to be true is Google it as: “Is Cash Codes a scam”. When the program isn’t trustworthy, a lot of people will have written about it already.

You can find a list of articles written by various writers of online scams by clicking here 

The list contains A health and nutrition MLM, Cash Codes Scam, DS Domination, Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System, iWriter, Multi Level Marketing is a Scam, Secret Success Machine Scam, Traffic Monsoon Charles Scoville’s latest scam, Vemma, Warrior Forum War Room Review.

Online testimonials, believe them!

Lots of people will try to warn you, and as it is not easy to admit you were a victim of an online scam, you better believe the person who has the courage to warn you off. You can find a few testimonials on this other website I own. Testimonials about  Binary Options, Empower Network, Google sniper, Net Success Lab, surveys for cash, AvalancheX. Testimonials and more…

Limited access?Ways to avoid scams online

All alarm bells are ringing when I read this: “LIMITED ACCESS, ACT NOW”
Otherwise, you will miss your one time opportunity! Flickering ads telling you to react to this “one day in a lifetime offer.” The ad says “Click here to check available spots in your area.” Don’t fall for this trick! They are only want to steal your money!

Make $1000 a day within a week!

That looks like a terrific future, but could it be possible? I don’t think so. When I look around me I don’t see a Jaguar in the driveway of my neighbor’s house. When it is that easy to earn money online, everyone would be rich by now. When you fall for this ad, you only make the advertiser drive in a Jaguar.

Do you understand the way of scammers doing business?

My no#1 recommendation

Get an education and learn how to make legit money online. Don’t let yourself be scammed into shifty programs.

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