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Ways To Make Money Online

Ways to make money online

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You can earn money in several ways on the internet, and I am not talking about the gambling scene now. That is a waste of time and also a lucky shot towards big money. 10 TOP tips to earn online!

10 Ways to make money online

On the 10th place:


Ways to make money online

On the Internet, there are various websites where you can earn a few cents to fill out endless surveys. However, there are also professional research agencies that carry out surveys via the Internet. These surveys are often difficult to find and sometimes just for specific participants to complete the survey. The compensation for a professional research company to an online survey is between $ 1 / $ 30, -. Often you fall outside the target group after you’ve been filling in data for 5 to 10 minutes. Some surveys turn out to pay $1 for 45 minutes of adding data.

Google: best money making surveys online

9th on my list:


ways to make money online

Sometimes you have to do simple chores on the computer. This is called ‘micro-tasking’ and is a way to earn money through the Internet. Companies often do not want to have carried this out by their own staff, because these are mostly simple monotonous chores. If you are interested in making money by micro-tasking you often make simple edits to Excel or other administrative programs. No major challenge to begin with.

Google: make money doing micro jobs

The 8th place:

Testing Websites

ways to make money online

Companies who are developing websites and web applications first have to test new projects. You can make money with testing these sites. You have to visit the website and have to test all functions. Afterward, you have to write a review about what can be improved. With testing websites, you can earn about $ 10 per hour (gross).

Google: Earn Money for User Testing

7th on my list is:

Building Websites

25 dollar

Can you handle WordPress or Joomla? By building websites for friends and acquaintances you can quickly make money through the internet. Nowadays, it has become increasingly easier to build a website for your sports club or the local shop. For a simple website, you can charge an average between the $ 80 / $ 200. And if you keep the website maintained, you can earn a recurring fee.

Advertise: Using your website or on special forums.

6th place, your earnings are increasing

Graphic design

85 dollar

As a graphic designer, you can make easy money on the Internet. Designing of logos or headers. Your designs sell themselves on special websites.  You can also take orders from customers to design logos and edit pictures. If you can handle Dreamweaver you can even develop complete templates. For a graphic designer, there always be work, but it’s on the 6th place because you need to be skilled for it.

Making money as graphic designer

On the 5th place


10 dollar

Did you had a bilingual upbringing and do you write fluently in another language? As a translator, you can take corporate assignments. This way you can keep working on your second language and earn money. With translating subtitles, books and websites, you can make a real good living.

Google: Language interpreter jobs from home

On my 4th place is ended:

Independent photographer

20 dollar

Do you like to make to take pictures? As a hobby photographer, you can sell your stock photos on websites such as Shutterstock. You can upload your photos which can be used for new websites and blogs. There are photographers who make ends meet by selling their photos via the Internet.

10 Top sites to sell your pictures online

The third place is:

Write articles

100 dollar

By writing articles for websites, you can make money. It is quite handy if you are a specialist in a particular subject. As a law student, you can write blog posts for a law firm. Writing reviews can be very rewarding. For a review of 300 words, you can ask $20, and the price goes up per 100 words extra. So, if you are a specialist in some kind of area, add your ad to forums and start pages.

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The 2nd runner up

Online Ads

10000 dollar

Do you have a website? A Youtube channel? Through Google Adsense, you can place advertising on your website. Google places relevant advertisements on your website and you get paid for the number of clicks. You can also display online advertisements in your Youtube videos. When you are extremely lucky when a video goes viral, you can earn a whole lot of money. So, be sure your video settings are with advertisements.

Start a website

4 steps to build your website
Open a Youtube channel

My no # 1 recommendation

Affiliate Marketing

100000 dollar

This is my no #1 recommendation because everybody can do this. You do not need specific skills to earn via affiliate marketing. With a little education, you can become really successful online. With a blog or vlog, you can attract major visitors, all potential clients for your promoted product.  By reviewing products online, such as clothing or mobile phones, you can make money. If your readers / followers are making a purchase on the website you have referred, you will get a commission. Dozens of major retailers pay for the referrals you make. Often the commission will vary between 2% and 10% of the total purchase amount. But there are also a lot of companies who offer private partnerships, and some of those will pay out over 50% of the purchase.

I even read about affiliate programs of  companies who pay out 55% when someone buys a helicopter or luxury yacht via your website :). That are really nice fees! Of course, this kind of companies will handle significant barriers when you apply for a partnership.

When you want to start affiliate marketing, you need some stuff:

  1. A website
  2. Hosting for the website
  3. A domain name
  4. An idea!
  5. Education

Let’s take a little break,  we pour a cup of coffee and think about what way of making money online will suit you best. I must say, for the most interesting ways to make money online you really should have a website unless you are a terrific photographer or designer. Clicking ads (not even mentioned in my top 10) or doing surveys really is very asinine work in my opinion.

How to start affiliate marketing?

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  1. Very good advice!
    Here is a system designed to help you make money. Support from the professionals in the trading industry and showing you step by step how to do it.

    1. Thank you Marco, there are more ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing and trading are just 2 of them. I am sorry, but I do not allow links send in comments, but I do accept guest post, I will send you an email, so if you are interested, watch your email box closely. Kind regards, Loes

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