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My name is Loes and I am part of an enthusiastic worldwide community, where we are creating our own websites. We are waiting for you to help you with your website. To inspire you with ideas, development and all kind of issues which obvious will appear when you are new to this online work. You can ask any question you want, because we always say, the only dumb question is the question which is not asked. English is not my native language, so I hope I don’t scare you away with my imperfect grammar. So, what’s the deal 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community

Here is what we offer to you:

  • A personal coach to help you with every step (that’s me 😉
  • A fully functional WordPress website builder
  • An ad-free website
  • Free hosting at the Siterubix hosting platform
  • Our own domain name registration (Siterubix subdomain is Free to use)
  • Step-By-Step Video education (50 lessons) for creating your own website
  • Very helpful worldwide community, there is always someone awake to assist you
  • Free blog opportunity and a great looking profile page

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  • Security package & Website Backup is a topper of Wealthy Affiliate, no spam!
  • Stunning affiliate program of our own, the opportunity to earn while you learn
  • 24/7 Live chat for assistance, the whole year through!
  • Risk-free sign-up, no credit card needed
  • And more…so much more…


Our packages

Nowhere else on the Internet, you can find a platform this complete!

Wealthy Affiliate and WordPressNowhere else on the Internet you can find a platform this complete

Our community consists of over 2.2M members. Although not all active, there are about 30.000 active helpers from all around the world. Now you want to know, what the heck happened with those others? Good question!  Some did stop but you are a member for life, some are having small offline businesses and are too busy helping, some have succeeded and are retired. There can be many reasons why members are not active in the community.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community

You are going to work with a WordPress website template hosted on our own hosting platform, called Siterubix. Wealthy Affiliate is the name of our university, where you can follow all necessary training to create a thriving online business. And the most beautiful part is, that you are not alone! I will be there to answer any question together with approximately 29.999 others

The plan

  • What can you expect?
  • What do you have to do to become successful online?
  • May teach you how affiliate marketing really works?


It won’t come in while you’re lying on the couch, you definitely have to do something for it. I don’t promise you an annual income overnight. I will make a list of 7 points for you:

1. Sign up, it’s a free premium trial for 7 days, 10 free lessons, so no risk at all. Feel free to look around.

2. Think about what niche you want to promote. A niche is a group of people who are interested in some particular subject, and it happens that you know a lot about some subject.

3. Create a free website in 4 steps. Our automated website builder does all the work.


4. You can play around first, don’t worry. Just give your new website a name, and click on create. See how everything works, then when you finally decided what the subject of your website has to become. You delete the practice website and start your actual one.

5. In the premium trial period, you can contact all members and look at the 10.000ths of lessons written by the community. When you want to get serious about an online business, you can decide to upgrade and keep total access as presented in the first 7 days.

6. You can ask questions at the whole community, and I guarantee that you will get answers because in a worldwide community there is always someone awake.

7. We do have a live chat function too, to connect with other members. This is a premium feature, but in the trial period, you may use it freely.

Wealthy Affiliate indexed blog

As a premium member, you are allowed to write blogs on the forum. Those blogs are Google indexed and will be found by the search engines. Wealthy Affiliate is an authority website in its niche and scores highly on the search engines. You can immediately take advantage of this. As a trial member, you can practice with this feature too. When you stay on as a free member, after the 7-day trial period, this will not be accessible anymore.

Earn while you learn

Yes, you read that very well You can earn your first dollars online during the training. The training is specialised in teaching you how to become an affiliate of a company and how to monetize your website. During this training, the first dollars can be made.

The best way to learn all about Wealthy Affiliate is to start your free trial!

Start your free trial

Faq of the Wealthy Affiliate University


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