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Weird Way To Make Money Online

Weird way to make money online

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Weird way to make money online

Create a very interesting app, attract thousands of users, and then…. collect data, lots of data!

Bitwalking App

Check this app here, but before you hop over, read my report!

Walking for money.
Well, this is something I was right away enthusiastic about. A company who pays you to walk. Isn’t that terrific! Every step you take and the cash flows in!

I thought: “That’s THE app for me! I can do that, I can do that easily. I can download this app on my phone and  KA-CHING! Let the money roll!


Is the Bitwalking app too good to be true?

bitwalking app to good to be true

Yes, the Bitwalking app is too good to be true!

I have scrolled down the app to read the reviews, and they are not particularly positive. Darn right negative!

They are tracking EVERY STEP you do, from your favorite grocery to the local library. Are you going to church? Or rather spend your time in the pub? Which hairdresser do you visit and are you hiring videos? After a few months, they know all finesses about your lifestyle.

But are they paying good money for that?

Here are some reviews about this Bitwalking app

bitwalking app reviews

thumbs downDo not download this app!

To repeat a few words from the reviews: Complete scam. Absolutely pointless. No payout. No cash out option. No replies from the helpdesk. Nothing was earned.

This weird way to make money online only benefits the app maker of course 🙁


Walking for money. It almost feels philanthropical. For the makers of the app quite a laugh!

Always look carefully which app you are downloading. What are they tracking? Do you want them to know about your whereabouts? Do you approve they see who’s following you on Facebook? Do you like it when they place tweets in your name? Do you agree they follow people on your Social Media account?

Please be careful about your privacy

once it’s on the web,

it’s for always.

Don’t let the Bitwalking app stop you from walking, just walk for free 🙂

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