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What Is Keyword Research For?

What Is Keyword Research For

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Where to find the best keyword suggestion tool for your website. Keyword research, the foundation of any SEO plan. A keyword research is a first and most important step you take to improve the visibility of your website. The study – if properly implemented – is a tremendously good basis for a search engine optimisation plan, and is half the battle.

In this article, I will explain how to do a good keyword research and what the key elements of the plan are. On the basis of a number of examples, I will go step by step through the main components of a keyword analysis.

What is a keyword research used for?

The goal of a keyword research is to find out which keywords are used by potential visitors.  By using a good keyword tool, you can find out how much each keyword is searched, and a good tool generates also additional suggestions based on that keyword. The tool is useful for:

1. How many searches are questioned?
2. How much traffic generates a specific keyword?
3. What is the competition?
4. How high is the article power
5. The PPC power

What is keyword research for

With a good keyword research tool, you will get more insight into the behaviour of your potential visitors. This is very important because if you can play well on the behaviour of your visitors, you will get more traffic and therefore, more clients!

A good keyword analysis

A keyword analysis is very comprehensive and classified into different categories. It is best to create a mind map for yourself with keywords that you think that are used by your potential customers. Think as the customer! What keyword will a customer use to find your product?

Your fabricated keywords actually have to be used in your post. Keep track of your used keywords too.  You can do that in an Excel sheet. There is no need to use a keyword phrase twice. The best way to reach out to your visitors is to give every post you publish its own unique keyword phrase.

When you put the tool to work, it generates multiple keyword ideas. New keywords you add to the appropriate category in your Excel list. Please note that keywords with 100 or 200 visitors per month also have value! Why these keywords are so important I will explain to you in a later paragraph. Once you have found the right suggestions, please add it into your Excel and distribute them under the correct category. Most paid for keyword tools have the possibility to store your found keywords online.

When you need ideas, use the Google alphabet soup technic: Add your word in the Google search and then an A, next B, then C etc.

What is keyword research for

A good keyword research is half the work!

A keyword research online in a few steps

  1. Brainstorm on the keyword tool
  2. Use the alphabet soup technic.
  3. Create an excel document and distribute these keywords into categories
  4. Add keywords if possible to your online keyword tool list
  5. Determine which keywords are useful and which are not

These steps are the basis for a keyword research. Your Excel document will be getting bigger and you get more insight into the search behaviour of your potential visitors. Valuable information to better optimise your website for search engine results.

Low hanging fruit keywords

It is hard to compete with the big boys on the internet, that’s why long tail keywords and keywords with 100 or 200 visitors per month are very important for us. Where Eg. companies as McDonald are using keywords as Big Mac, Big Taste, you are going to use Big Mac calories fat and carbs. A keyword phrase which the big M will not use.

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO?

My no #1 Keyword research tool is Jaaxy

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