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What Is The Secret Of Affiliate Marketing?

What is the secret of affiliate marketing

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The big picture of affiliate marketing

The big picture of Affiliate Marketing

What Is The Secret Of Affiliate Marketing?

The secret is, there is no secret. It’s all about learning the skills. I will explain to you what you need to do for a successful affiliate business. What’s involved?


You need to have an idea of what you want to promote. You need perseverance and commitment.

Create a website

When you just create a website, you are not going to make a lot of money online. You need to create a website according to the online rules. Otherwise, your website will not pop up in a Google or Bing search to your future customers. You need to learn the skills. We provide a step-by-step training course specially designed for success. Click here to view the first lesson.


You need customers, but how do you find them? During our course, we teach you how to advertise. How to use Social Media? How to let your website rank high on Google and Bing? When you are following our lessons thoroughly, you will see results. And one day, you will be thrilled to announce your first online sale!

Affiliation with companies

When your website is ready*, I mean, when your website has some content on it, you are ready to apply for affiliation with a company of your own choice.

*nb. a website is never truly ready, you can always add something new 🙂

A lot of people choose to be an affiliate of Amazon, but there are millions of other alternatives to approach.

E.g. When you type in your “product + affiliate” you get thousands of results. And you can filter out the best paying, or the best company for the environment by reading their terms, conditions and company ideals etc.

What is the secret of affiliate marketing

Get paid

When a sale takes place between the customer and the web shop you are promoting products of on your website, you get paid. And the payments can vary enormously. From 2% to over 50% per sale. So it is of great importance to check the fees and terms carefully before you apply for affiliation.

Build a website from scratch

Affiliate disclosure

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