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What training can I try to maintain a website?

What training can I try to maintain a website

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You can not see the forest for the trees when it comes to offers about making a website. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to look first, before you decide whether this is the training you want or not.

What training can I try to maintain a website

With this training, you can learn to maintain a website

What do you get before you have to decide?

  • A website – 4 step automatic website builder
  • A free sub-domain name from Siterubix
  • Free hosting
  • 10 free starters lessons and 10 free Bootcamp lessons
  • Community support
  • Opportunity to meet the owners/developers of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Technical support
  • Free trial to the blog and question function
  • Communicate with other members in live chat
  • Your own profile page to introduce you
  • 30 tryouts with our magnificent keyword search tool

Schedule your timing, because this offer stands for 7 days! 7 days free access, no credit card needed. Be sure you have the time to investigate our platform thoroughly. Click here to see the price table.

How is the Wealthy Affiliate training presented?

Most training is presented with easy to follow video material, I give you here the first example lesson. When you click on “View Lesson 1” you will be redirected to the official website of Wealthy Affiliate.

Getting started video lesson

How will people find your website?

It is very important that people actually will find your website amongst the billions already online. So we are also attending the part of keywords and search engine optimisation, shortly known as SEO.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Besides the lessons about how to develop a website, we also give training for affiliate marketing, because it is nice to have a website, but it is nicer to earn something with that website too. Affiliate marketing is nothing more than partner up with companies. You advertise stuff for companies on your website, and when people decide to buy something, the company is paying you a little fee. You’ve probably clicked on advertisements on websites before. Well, we will teach you how to place your own advertisements. (banners)

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Click here to go to my Wealthy Affiliate frequently asked questions page.

what do you think, try?

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2 thoughts on “What training can I try to maintain a website?

  1. Good intro to Wealthy Affilate and affiliate marketing in general. I liked how you highlighted the main points and features you get for signing up to Wealthy Affiliate, like the 7 day premium access.

    Have you tried any other affiliate marketing programs? If so, I’d recommend comparing WA to them!

    1. Hi Alex, I have tried out WIX but that’s not comparable with what Wealthy Affiliate is. I haven’t found anything like it yet, to compare Wealthy Affiliate with anywhere online.

      Wealthy Affiliate is unique!


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