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We are on the eve of our last Black Friday Deal. For the very last time, the 2010 prize will be repeated. New innovations are added every year. So the price of the past has much more value today. Last Time Ever. This is the last time these prices are ever going to be offered.

What you get today for this low price is unprecedented.

A small list for our premium membership

  • Unlimited 24/7 help
  • Great private coaching
  • Hosts of up to 10 WordPress websites (Premium Plus+ Up to 50)
  • Experienced network
  • Private access to the platform owners
  • Incredibly fast help with troubleshooting
  • 50 video lessons core certification course
  • 70 video lessons affiliate bootcamp course
  • Weekly live video classes
  • 1000+ membership trainings
  • Training cash credit program
  • Site comment cash credit program
  • Affiliate incentive
  • Unlimited keyword research tool
  • Personal blog space
  • Ad free environment
  • Earn while you learn


…and much…much…more.

How Much Can You Earn?

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How much can you earn

Try before you buy

Before you buy something it is very nice to feel, smell, see or hear what you get. That is how it works for me. If you decide to go into our offer, you therefore first get the chance to surf the platform and experience what Wealth Affiliate means. I can tell you everything, but your own experience counts.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing


Time is valuable

Time flies by, and at one point I had something like that, “I have so much knowledge, can I do something with that? At that moment I came in contact with Wealthy Affiliate. And I have to say, I was initially very skeptical. You heard, also back in 2014, that very strange things were out there on the internet. To this day I am so happy that I gave my confidence to WA.

I now have 7 websites up and running at Siterubix Hosting. Time is valuable, so is knowledge. My website lights all corners of interests. From children’s art, to IT programs and from healthy eating to help with language for foreigners. And sometimes I kick the renowned order if the policy is disappointing.

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Company website is must

A website is indispensable for your own company. You really can’t do without if you have your own company. If you have just started as a self-employed person, you can now build your own website for this very low price (probably also deductible as operating costs). Our step by step video course takes you by the hand and helps you to make pages, add images, register with the search engines and how to share on social media.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

After reading this information, you might stay with some questions. Visit our FAQ page for that. If you still not find your answer there you can click on the link and send us an email